Terra Sulis is conducting research into Roman Roads in the South West of England, especially in the Chew Valley and Mendips area. Roman Roads in Britain form the basis of our existing road network but others have fallen out of use over the past two millennia and their location is known imprecisely or they have been forgotten and lost. The intensification of agriculture means that the land surface is continually being smoothed off by mechanised ploughing and harrowing, erasing some of the last surface traces of the Roman and pre-Roman social fabric.

As well as aerial photography and field name evidence LiDAR imagery is a valuable tool in the identification of Roman Roads where a surface imprint remains.

The images below show a newly identified section of Roman Road which was suggested over 60 years ago but which has only recently been located and identified.


If you are interested in getting involved in Roman Road research then have a look at the web site of the Roman Road Research Association.
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