A data set of Liberian River Catchments has been compiled to compliment the Liberia Rivers Network. The data set covers the whole country and has been derived from a generalised version of the Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM) digital surface model. The major catchments were calculated directly from the SRTM data and any small coastal catchments missed by the digital processing were interpreted from the imagery by eye. There are sixteen major named catchments.

Liberia River Catchments

There are a few differences with other descriptions of Liberia’s river catchments. First, the River Junk and River Farmington catchments have been merged into one as they both meet before draining into the Atlantic Ocean at the same location.  Secondly, the Cavalla catchment is divided into three large sub-catchments. As each of these drains to the national border and are essentially separate hydrological entities at the country level they have been retained, but are all named Cavally.

This data set compliments the Liberia Rivers Network data and is shown above with the 1:200,000 scale river data with which it is compatible. Because the data were derived from the SRTM the catchment boundaries are pixel based blocks.

There are two versions of the River Network and River Catchments data (ESRI Shapefiles), one is public domain and free to download (1:200,000 scale) and the other is licensed (1:25,000 scale) and available from the shop.