After fifteen years the UN Peacekeeping Mission withdrew from Liberia on 30th March 2018, having completing its task to stabilise the country following two brutal civil wars.  With peace Liberia can now rebuild and develop. A key foundation to this redevelopment is spatial information.

Development interventions tend to be sector based and may ignore the cross-sectorial base mapping that is essential to pin down spatial information and provide a firm foundation at the national level.  A key base map layer is the river network that identifies not only the location of rivers but which is, in turn, the basis of parts of the international boundaries and legal entities such as forest management contract areas.  Legacy spatial data is often based on historical sources dating back many years and are just not adequate for the reconstruction task. Using inadequate data now will just propagate spatial data problems into the future and lead to disputes.

To move towards better spatial data resources of Liberia Terra Sulis Research has compiled a new river network layer for the whole country, river catchments and national boundaries layers.

Terra Sulis has compiled new river network and river catchment datasets for Liberia. A generalised version is available for download. More detailed versions can be purchased in the data store.

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