Terra Sulis Atlas of Onshore Oil & Gas Licenses in England

(NB The map for PEDL 143 for Leith Hill is free to download)

Terra Sulis has published an electronic Atlas of ALL of the onshore Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences (PEDL) in England.  These licences cover onshore areas where companies are exploring for both conventional and unconventional oil and gas and where they may use hydraulic fracturing as part of the production process.  The maps show both the physical features within each licence and environmental protection features in the area as a pair of maps.  Presenting the maps as physical and protection themes and using appropriate cartography helps to present a large amount of relevant information.  Some of the information, such as the location of National Park boundaries, is directly relevant to the legal safeguards and Regulations of the Infrastructure Act 2015.  Additional information is also shown to inform about the environmental or planning status of the area, for example whether it is within the Greenbelt or contains Ancient Woodland.

The Physical maps contain Oil & Gas Licence boundaries, Contours, existing onshore oil and gas wells, Geological Faults, Electricity Transmission Lines, Public Amenities, Woodland, the Road and Rail Network, Urban Areas/ Buildings and Surface Water features.

The Environmental Protection maps contain fewer physical features but also National Parks, Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Woodland, Ancient Woodland, Flood Alert Areas, Greenbelt, Special Protection Areas (Birds), Special Areas of Conservation (Habitats), Ramsar Sites (Wetlands) and Groundwater Protection Zones.

The atlas is in PDF format and comes in four volumes:

  1. North West England (33 licences)
  2. Yorkshire (31 licences)
  3. East Midlands (82 licences)
  4. Southern England (39 licences)


Designed to be printed in A3 format at 300 dpi the whole atlas contains about 400 separate maps.  The atlas is available for purchase as four regional documents or as individual maps.

PEDL 306 Physical. Low resolution example.
PEDL 306 Environmental Protection. Low resolution example.


The information in the atlas is derived from government data licence under the Open Government Licence (OGL) and the design copyright is retained by Terra Sulis Research CIC according to the terms of use.

Individuals can purchase the atlas for their own personal use. Community groups can purchase the atlas for use by their group and they are encouraged to make an appropriate donation to cover multiple use.  The atlas is not available for commercial use.

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To help find PEDL numbers here are some overview maps:

North West
North Yorkshire
South Yorkshire
East Midlands
South West
South East


Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right (2018)

Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.